Friday, 11 October 2013

Today I'd like to share with you a video a friend shared with me.

This guy got a ticket for not riding in the bike lane (in the USA somewhere) and so filmed himself riding into things in the bike lane.

How often does this happen to us here in the UK? Nearly everyday I have to swerve around something parked in the bike lane. Most lanes here in UK aren't enforcable and traffic can use them so really are not a great deal of help sometimes! In theory, they are just suggestions of where to cycle rather than where the traffic prefer us right up against the pavement.

Having to join traffic to get past a row of cars causes problems and is quite dangerous on busy roads. Not to mention that vehicle drivers don't like cyclsts getting in their way and slowing them down. I was beeped at by a driver, at the weekend, who though I shouldn't be in front of him on a single lane road.

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