Sunday, 24 November 2013


Due to injury, I haven't been cycling in the last month. A real shame as I have all my nice warm winter clothing and enjoy cycling! I enjoy cycling and it saves me money.

Anyway I walked past the post where Brain Holt lost his life almost three weeks ago. I was in that exact area not 20mins before his fatal accident and if I couldn't use the canals, I'd have to use CS2 from Stratford; a thought that will no doubt fill my family with fear.

                                                   From my cycling Flickr

The above photo shows the lovely "blue paint in bus lanes" that constitutes CS2 through much of it's length. Ironically, further along the road, above and to the left of the Police sign, is this sign.

                                                         From my cycling Flickr

No, I don't think it is safer, thank you. That particularly stretch along Stratford High Street (CS2X) may well be safer with it's segregated lanes but overall, the cycle superhighways are not.

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