Thursday, 3 October 2013

A Small Grumble

My start at uni should have heralded my start of cycling again, but no, I get the Ick. Though imagine my surprise today on the Central line at Mile End, when I saw a cyclist get on the tube. I'm guessing he was wimping out of the rain.

Anyway TFL does allow you to take non-folding bikes outside of peak hours on certain sections (as shown in green on this map on the TfL website) but he was using the Central line and not the allowed Hammersmith or District. Didn't help he was cramming into a carriage with a school party. No sense whatsoever.

Yet another cyclist breaking the rules and giving bad PR for the rest of us. It's my main gripe about some of my fellow cyclists

Anyway I plan to cycle tomorrow and avoid another day of rush-hour cram!

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