Tuesday, 3 September 2013


I've decided I need somewhere to talk about my life as a cyclist in London. Mainly to to vent but occasionally cycling is a pleasure in London. And thus this blog. I may well take the opportunity to add some photos.

My usual journey, to university, involves using the canals with a fun bit along the A106. Until recently this meant I could use the shared use pavements alongside the A106, but recently, this isn't possible and you have the fun of being on a busy road with HGVs. Eastway to the canal is pleasant whilst it's shut for three months though...

Last week, I cycled into Central London for the first time. Not as scary as the A106 can be and I'm quite used to people being useless drivers and overtaking me on narrow/bends/too close. It was just a pain to get lost and I haven't got the hang of my new phone mount yet.

So my thoughts on my first time in Central London as pros (+) and cons (-):

+ CS3 along The Highway: how the Cycle SuperHighways should be. Off road, segregated, thought out

- CS2 on Whitechapel Road: near the station, it's just square blobs of blue paint. Most of CS2 disappoints me. I have used it to get to Stratford from Mile End and it's just a length of blue paint that terminates (currently) at the Bow Roundabout. And let's not talk about the Bow Roundabout...

- Tower Bridge: terribly laid tarmac. It ripples and you find it tricky to find to find a straight path. The 20mph limit is fairly redundant with it being chock-a-block anyway.

Blackfriars Bridge is a mixture; good as it was wide and fairly traffic free. Bad as southbound has a bus stop in the middle.

Finally just so you're clear on some of my cycling peeves:

1. Very strong wind blowing against me, usually when going uphill!
2. Some stupid driver trying passing me where the road narrows for bollards. Even more so, when happens more than once
3. Vehicles overtaking me to close and sharply pulling in, resulting in me braking hard

Don't get me wrong. I cycle in most weathers and enjoy finding interesting things (like the drained canal below).
                                  From my new Flickr

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