Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Article: Evening Standard: Floating bike lanes make shortlist for £100m funding

Two of the boroughs reported in the article are ones I use frequently; Newham and Waltham Forest. Newham wants to redesign Stratford centre, a move I can only hope for. It's full of traffic and, although it has some shared use pavements, they aren't signposted and the pavements are crowded. Waltham Forest wants to improve Lea Bridge Road, with a cycle superhighway and a Dutch-style roundabout at Whipps Cross.

The roundabout needs serious attention, as it's heavy with traffic and not pleasant to cycle around. The proposed CS may be a little redundant as quite alot of the length of Lea Bridge Road has bus lanes already.

The press release by the GLA states only 3 or four boroughs will be awarded though the others "will still receive substantial funding to achieve many of the objectives they set out in their submissions." Most boroughs shortlisted submitted similar ideas of redesigning roundabouts and segregating cyclists.

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